Charles M. Asmar

Jul 14, 2015

Mr. Asmar counsels clients in construction, government contracts and real estate transactional law. He represents owners (private and public), developers,… Read more »

Thomas Lynch

May 23, 2022

Tom Lynch primarily represents construction clients, including owners, general contractors, construction managers, and subcontractors on private and public construction projects…. Read more »

Douglas W. Callabresi

Aug 10, 2023

Since 1999, Mr. Callabresi has represented businesses both as in-house counsel and in a law firm setting as both a… Read more »

Steven Gentoso

Aug 4, 2022

Mr. Gentoso is joining the firm after a seven-year tenure with Plaza Construction, where he worked as a Project Manager… Read more »

Jack McKenna

Jul 26, 2023

Jack McKenna maintains a diverse practice representing clients engaged in a variety of construction projects both private and public. As… Read more »

Walter Fitzhugh

Aug 8, 2023

Walter represents contractors and project owners in a wide variety of commercial disputes and has experience in construction claims litigation… Read more »