Our construction practice begins with contract development, review, drafting and negotiation. We pride ourselves in mitigating our clients’ risks up front to avoid needless disputes and to maximize profits. Our attorneys have extensive experience drafting and negotiating all types of project delivery contracts on behalf of all facets of the construction industry—owners/developers, contractors, designers/design consultants and subcontractors.  Our projects include commercial office buildings, hotels and resorts, hospitals, large scale mixed use, residential projects and condominiums, airports, bridges, road and highway construction, schools and universities, federal state and local municipality buildings, military housing, embassy construction, agricultural facilities, waste water and water treatment facilities, power plants and hydro-electric work, dams and a wide variety of other private and public buildings.

When charged with preparing contract documents for the overall project, our goal is to form a fully integrated “family” of construction documents to avoid any gaps and ensure that all risk is properly allocated to the appropriate parties. Based on the hundreds of contracts we prepare annually for our clients, in jurisdictions all across the country, we are rarely required to start from scratch. We are capable of identifying the project’s needs and the project delivery methods best suited to achieve a client’s business objectives and do so on a regular basis. When it comes to ensuring our clients are effectively protected against the myriad risks posed by the construction project, through intelligent and effective contract drafting, we utilize well-tested ideas and strategies.