Whether it’s the emotional attachment people feel for their homes, or the maze of laws protecting consumers, homebuilding is unto itself.  Strategies that solve business disputes don’t always work against an unhappy customer with a grudge or a builder that does not honor its obligations. Nobody understands this better than us. With decades of experience and living through the homebuilding industries ups and downs, we have fought its big battles from synthetic stucco to mold.  We give solid and sensible advice to homebuilders— including some of the largest in the country — about their entire business, from sales to construction to warranty. Homebuilders value our solid and sensible advice about their entire range of business, from sales to construction to warranty, single family to condominium.  We draft sales agreements and subcontracts that reduce and redirect risk.  We work behind the scenes to avoid disputes before they hit the bottom line. And if there’s a fight, our clients can know that we can resolve disputes efficiently and effectively through ADR and/or litigation.