Many contractors mistakenly believe that they do not need to contact a lawyer until a project has gone bad and litigation is imminent. But, especially with Government contracts, good advice and counsel early and throughout performance can help avoid problems and position you to be successful when they do arise.

In your contractual relationship with the Government, we can help navigate field directives, change orders, differing site conditions, suspensions of work, and other performance issues that arise during performance. We can interpret and assist your understanding of the complicated FAR provisions that affect these issues, and help meet important notice requirements. Our attorneys can guide you in your discussions with Government personnel, attend meetings with you or step in to negotiate and advocate on your behalf when necessary. We can help make sure that the Government treats you fairly. If they do not, our early involvement will help ensure that if you do need to file a claim, it has been well documented and supported, which makes it a stronger claim and more likely to find success.

We can also help with the unique relationship between subcontractors and prime contractors that exists on Government contracts. Most subcontracts on Government jobs have “pass-through” provisions that mean that many disputes between the sub and the prime are passed up for resolution by the Government. This implicates notice and cooperation requirements that can be tricky to navigate. Our attorneys have represented both subcontractors and prime contractors in disputes on Government project.