Government agencies have to follow the rules when they award contracts. If you are interested in obtaining Government work, and you think that the agency failed to follow the solicitation or procurement rules, you have the right to protest. “Bid Protests” can be brought over a number of issues – confusing or unclear terms in the solicitation, unnecessarily narrow requirements, improper evaluation of your proposal, and organizational conflicts of interest (“OCIs”) by the successful bidder are just a few. But beware! The time frames to act are very short and strictly enforced. It is imperative that a potential client contact us quickly if there is potential for a protest or they may lose their rights.

Our attorneys have decades of collective experience bringing bid protests at federal agencies, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the United States Court of Federal Claims (COFC), and state and local courts and boards. We can help evaluate whether a protest is viable, choose the forum that is right for the protest, draft the protest, and advocate for our client’s position to the Government decision-makers and the protest tribunal.